Specialize in Centerless Grinders, Mills, Lathes and Parts of Cincinnati Milacron and Heald Machine Tools

Develop capital equipment strategies for all your machine tooling parts needs.

Some of the brands we support & repair:

Cincinnati Milacron



Warner and Swasey

Warner & Swasey






Cincinnati RPT machine tool parts repair and strategy

Cincinnati Replacement Parts & Technologies (RPT) specializes in Cincinnati Milacron & Heald machine tools, offering a full complement of support services to optimize your “Capital Equipment Strategy.” As a partner, we tailor a program to meet your needs. Factory trained and hands-on, we diagnose all machine tool issues; trouble shooting, mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, fluid, coolant etc.

Repair parts specialist

Cincinnati RPT has over 30,000 new replacement parts in stock for immediate shipment or tool repair. Our in house machine shop maintains a complete inventory of new replacement parts for a variety of Cincinnati Milacron & Heald machines; cincinnati centerless grinders, mills, lathes, machining centers, ID & OD grinders, broaches, spindles, dressers, headstock, footstock, wheelhead assemblies, gears, bearings, babbitted bearings, seals, worm wheels & shaft, spools, rails, gibs, workrest & blades, spindles, shafts, gears, bearings, seals, retainers, ballscrews, bushings, etc.

Factory remanufactured equipment

Equipment Remanufacturing entails completely tearing down the machine to its base and rebuilding or reengineering the full system. Complete with documentation, this includes: new mechanical upgrades, new electrical systems, new hydraulic system, new lubrication systems and new pneumatic systems.

Preventative maintenance and equipment inspection

Our trained technicians inspect your current equipment to identify root cause problems and outline long term solutions to prevent issues from reoccurring. This procedure is designed to help you avoid expensive repairs and downtime emergencies. Our technicians stay until the job is done and the machine is producing high-quality parts.

Field service and phone support

No matter where you are located in the world or what your situation is, Cincinnati RPT’s tech support will get you back into production quickly. We have hundreds of set-up procedure manuals and documents to provide the machine tool part repair you need.

Cincinnati RPT’s Simultaneous Engineering evaluates all the factors that help in the decision process, it prepares a strategy. As a partner, we tailor a program to meet your needs. We assess the alternatives, the result of which is a report that outlines your options:

  • Machine Evaluation compared to OEM specifications.
  • Process Evaluation
  • Machine & Process Improvement – speeds, feeds, tooling, fixtures, etc.
  • Cycle Time Estimates
  • Equipment Optimization – We engineer the equipment for your application, not what the builder has on the shelf. Custom screens for your operators, long term support, automation, upgrade to meet new regulations and get the right machine for the job
  • Price comparisons – New vs. Remanufactured equipment alternatives
  • Program Timeline Management – A dedicated project manager will provide updates and follow time lines to ensure your start of production
  • Tolerance capabilities.
  • Inspection reports serve as the machine baseline.


Cincinnati RPT understands equipment from the operator’s viewpoint – flexibility, as well as management’s return on investment. Our goal is to make each machine easy to run and capable of meeting today’s demands for quality, productivity, reliability, & maintainability – at an affordable price.

If you have a request for a quote, wish to inquire about employment opportunities, or any other questions, please send an email to info@cincinnatirpt.com or call (313)-382-5880 and we will reach out to you as soon as possible.